A diversified, tech-driven asset manager

We bring sophisticated technology and exceptional people to help us solve complex problems in markets across the world in multiple asset classes.

We leverage technology, research and risk management in our decision-making

We invest our own capital alongside with every deal our investors invest in, ensuring our interests are always aligned.

Technology: invest in the unchanged in the changing world

We believe in long-term value, not fancy technology. We invest in products people want and would pay for right now, and in ten years.

Trading: personzlied portfolios through A.I.

We design tools that can help investors select the appropriate asset allocation mix to meet their goals.

Tac Opps: Identify Hidden Value In An Ever-Changing World

Our team invests heavily in event-based opportunities with our move fast and nimble approach. We invest in or setup businesses that addresses a new change happening in peoples' lives.

Real Estate: shifting towards higher efficiency with tech intelligence

We understand real estate is one of the industries relatively unchanged by the progress of technology innovations. At Onic, we use technology to help us identify underpriced properties and maximize our returns with them.